テクニカルライティング & デザインのTWRAP

Production of Website

Production & Planning of the Website from nothing

If a Web site is made with low cost speedily, are you satisfied?
If even a fine Website makes, do you think that pulling customers improves immediately?
Is it necessary immediately; Brilliant promotion by the Cross-Media?

Well, this is one more important question. What are your company's corporate strategy and the advantage in the business?

The new media is appearing rapidly and the dreamlike ripple effect is publicized. Certainly these are brilliant and are very attractive. But, please do not hurry. Because this two do not necessarily accord, the function that client wants, the really necessary function for the Website.

The most important thing isn't an appearance or the function. You must make all of them clear firstly. What do you want to appeal to people to see it for? What is the strategy of your company? The characteristic and the superiority of the article? How the splendid Website or promotion is not useful without it.

We'll clarify them by an interview. Any manuscript & preparations are unnecessary.
And we help you to make necessary thing clear from nothing.







Website Design

what do you want to appeale to me for?

Activity: The optimization of the Website/Translation of the Japanese site into English/CMS/PHP System development/Keyword marketing.

Example of the Website renewal


  • Example-Renewal:リニューアル例

As you see this site is unrelated to the coolness or gorgeous.
But there is more than 500 pages in total.

The demand of the client-side was as follows.

  • fix the appearance of the site by a new design.
  • Add an animation as a rich-contents.
  • Make it be displayed by the upper rank in search engine with the combination of three main keywords.

However as for the original, the contents were not clear, though there are many page, and is a very deep hierarchical structure. The information of a large quantity of member companies is unknown to there. Besides, those were lumps of the simple page, so client didn't have means to update them by themselves.

We suggested all remakes completely including the administrative task, and coordinated them.

  • Database building of the member company information.
  • Two kinds of admin system development for update of the database and news.
  • In addition, a Groupware and a Personal Access Analyzer as a tool of managers.

Of course doesn't have the unnecessary tool and advertisement. It includes only an interface-map as a rich content. We avoided the gaudiness of the appearance, because that type of industry has a special nature. This darkish green is an image of the green tea.

Presently, it is displayed by the top or upper rank with the plural patterns of two keyword sets. The visitor's responses increased too, by having shown clearly a purpose and a lot of information. And they needn't a help of somebody for the work of update anymore.

Our aim in the Website production isn't newness. It is to fit a purpose or duties, and is to bring a satisfaction of the client thereby.
We aim at the making of such a structure.


ご覧の通り、このサイトはクールさや華やかさとは無縁です。 しかし合計で500ページ以上あります。

  • 新しいデザインでサイトの体裁を整えてほしい。
  • 動画を使ったリッチコンテンツが欲しい。
  • 主要な3つのキーワードセットで、検索エンジンで上位表示されるように。

しかし当初のオリジナルは、ページ数が多いにもかからずコンテンツがはっきりしませんでした。そして非常に深い階層構造。大量の会員企業の情報は埋もれていました。 しかもそれらは単純なページの塊りにすぎず、クライアントは自身の手で更新作業を行う事ができません。


  • 会員企業情報のデータベース構築
  • データベースとニュース更新用の2種類の管理システム開発
  • その他、管理者用ツールとしてグループウェアとアクセス解析


目下、このサイトは2つのキーワード・セットによる複数パターンでトップまたは上位に表示されます。 目的と蓄えられた情報を見える形にした事で、閲覧者からの反応も増えました。 そしてクライアントは、更新作業のために誰かの手を借りる必要はもうありません。

Web制作における私達の狙い、それは新しさではありません。 目的や業務にフィットし、それによってクライアントに満足をもたらす。